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New Job December 18, 2008

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Many changes within the past month!

Sichan’s done with school!  yay!  He finished his MBA and will be graduating school in Feb!  Thanks for everyone’s support and prayers through the past two years.  Who would of thought that God will open the doors for Sichan to go back to school after a 10+ year break?  I’m so thankful to God for a great husband who relied totally on His strength and wisdom!

I just finished my first semester back at Sac State.  It was a great semester even though I know I should have put more hours into the books instead of being on facebook or watching tv..hehehe

I started a new job a few days ago.  It’s been quite hectic even though I hadn’t done anything with the new job.  I’m still wrapping payroll loose ends at my old job.  I’m so proud to say that I’m a project manager now for the Asian American Network for Cancer Awareness and Research Training program.  I’m nervous of the things ahead but I’m thankful for such a wonderful opportunity to serve an awesome God in my workplace.

Can you believe that Christmas is less than a week away?  Time sure flies…have you done your Christmas shopping yet?  I’ve just barely started…so excited to be on vacation soon!


30 years October 29, 2008

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I can’t believe that I’m 30 today!  This week has been a worldwind rollercoaster of emotions this past week.  Last week, I was cramming for midterms and preparing for a interview that it didn’t occur to me that my birthday is just around the corner.  This week, however, has been a weird week.  I went from depressed to happy and excited. 

I look forward to the many wonderful years ahead with new exciting plans…like starting a family! 🙂  Thank you God for giving me so many blessings!

Thank you to my lovely hubby for a wonderful birthday present! 🙂


Gilmore Girls June 10, 2008

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So, the last few nights, I’ve been watching my Gilmore Girls DVDs.  I have 6 out of the 7 seasons.  Just waiting for Season 7 to go on sale or maybe a gift from someone 🙂  When this show was on TV, I saw most of the seasons except for majority of Season 7.  Since American Idol was on the same night, guess who won the TV remote? hehehe…  For those of you who don’t know this, but I’ve been a Gilmore Girls fan since the show started.  🙂  It’s a great mother-daughter show, majority of the time.  There are some things that I don’t agree with such as pre-marital sex but I do enjoy the intelligent antidotes and the mother-daughter relationship that Lorelai and Rory have.  I do see that sometimes my relationship with my mom is like Emily and Lorelai, though. 🙂

Anyways, I was reminising all the male relationships that Lorelai had this morning and I think her best suitor was Max.  Max is charming, intelligent, well educated, had a stable job.  He understood Lorelai inside and out and was willing to accept her for who she is.  He also loved her dearly which is a plus.  Christopher would come second in my book since he carried so much drama.  My least favorite would be Jason.  Jason was too “in the box” for Lorelai.  What do you all think?


Congratulations Isaac! May 30, 2008

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Today is my nephew, Isaac’s preschool graduation!  We’re so proud of him!  He’s growing into a godly young man! 🙂



Being obedient to God… May 13, 2008

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Over the weekend, I learned a giant lesson of obedience.  For weeks now, I’ve been aprehensive on the results for the gas voucher outreach.  When the idea was brought up to our council meeting, I was skeptical since when we had worked on surveys in the past and we didn’t seem to have a great response.  When we had split up to have our neighbors fill out the surveys for the free $5 gas vouchers, Sichan and I only got 4 homes to fill out the survey in like a 6 hour period, which got me more discouraged.  My heart yearned for a greater response. 

For weeks, Sichan had been working with each of the local gas stations to see if they would be willing to partner up with us for this outreach of having NHCC pay for $5 off of gas for each customer who handed them a voucher.  I thought that the gas station that would give us the “go ahead” would have been Shell since they are a big corporate company.  Sichan on the other hand was praying that the closest one, which is Valero would partner up with us.  God surely answered Sichan’s prayer because within a few days, the only gas station that was willing to partner up was Valero.  They welcomed us with opened arms.  Praise God for such a great opportunity! 🙂

On the day of the redemption, my views were still negative.  Sichan and I had stayed up most of the evening making flyers, a sign, and gathering up other things for the event (which is totally our own procrastination and lack of delegation!!!) which got me into a grumpy mood.  I was also disappointed that we only had people sign up from 10am to noon, which meant that Sichan and I would be at the gas station from noon to 4..another 4 hours without sleep!!!  On top of that, we had a council meeting at 8:30AM so basically I felt like a zombie that morning.  I recall telling Sichan that I didn’t think many people would come out to fill out the surveys when they are busy pumping gas into their cars.  However, Sichan was super excited to have people redeem the vouchers and/or meeting new neighbors to fill out the survey eventhough he probably only nap for 1 1/2 hours on Friday night. 

So, when did my views changed?  It was not until Christine, Daniel, and I prayed after the council meeting.  God told me that I shouldn’t be concerned with how many people would be there to help out or how many neighbors come by to redeem the voucher; what matter was my additude to the people who were going to be there because it’s not of my own comfort but of expressing His love to those who are lost!!  I was speechless and I quickly ask God for repentance.  Who am I to compare my own comfort to God?  God paid for our comfort through His sacrifice on the Cross. 

So, after council meeting, Daniel and I went to the gas station while a few individuals were already there.  The event was such a success!  Not only did God provide just enough people to help out, but the Holy Spirit moved the owner of the gas station and he wants us to continue to partner up with him for future events!!  Another God thing was that there were two individuals that were there by 10am to redeem their vouchers while we were still setting up the table, drinks, etc.  People came left and right, and in spurts.  There were a few minutes of silence but if one neighbor was at the table, then a flock of neighbors would come up and see what was going on.  We did have to turn a few individuals away because they were not from the neighborhood but we were busy up until 4:10pm.  God also shut me up by sending Kathy, Larry, Dorc, and Steven to help out after 2pm.  God knew that we needed these extra hands and mouths because they were so many people from 2 to 4pm.  Kathy and Larry even bought big umbrellas to help with the sunlight and it also brought more attention to our little booth.   Praise God for the energy that He gave all of us cuz’ we were all hyped up and energize until the end of the event.  I’m so thankful for all the brothers and sisters that came out no matter if they stayed for 1 hour or the whole time (like Daniel C.) and I’m especially thankful for all who had prayed for this event.  I definetly felt God’s presence and strength that afternoon.  We gave out $330.00 in gas vouchers!!!!  I’m also thankful that a few of us had the opportunity to talk to our neighbors more as we were helping them fill out the surveys.  I, personally, was able to talk to two individuals who wanted to seek a church that offered personal counseling.  It opened up my eyes to see the pain and hurt that our neighbors have.  Maybe God’s trying to tell me what I can do with my degree? 

I’m also thankful that God gave me such a wonderful husband who always sees the glass half full while I see the glass half empty.  Sichan, thanks for not letting me distract you from listening to our Savior’s purpose for you.  I am honored to serve God together with you and I pray that I would be more of an encourager to you and to help you draw closer to Him 🙂 

Being obedient to God isn’t easy because we have to fight with our own sinful nature but once we are obedient to Him, the rewards are so much greater!  My heart now is to pray for those that we had talked to and for the results of the survey.  May we be able to use the information we obtained for His greater glory and purpose!  All credit goes to God!! 🙂  May the Holy Spirit continue to work in the hearts of the individuals that we spoke to so that one day they will ask God to be their Lord and personal Savior!! 🙂


Happy Birthday April 11, 2008

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Happy 30th Birthday to one of my dearest friends, Mel!  Enjoy this day and the new adventures that lies ahead in the coming year 🙂

Since, I don’t know how to send food’s a little something for you! 🙂




Fascination with Bibles! March 5, 2008

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Since I’ve dedicated my life to Christ back in 1999, I’ve been fascinated with Bibles.  I have so many and constantly wanting more.  I have devotional bibles, studies bibles, even the Bible Experience Audio Cds (New Testament).  I always find one or two features on each that I feel like I can’t live without that would draw me closer to God.  For instance, last night, I opened my Quest Bible which really draws different topical/theological questions that I didn’t think about when I was reading the passages.  I enjoy this particular Bible but then my newest desire is to have the “True Identity Bible for Women”.  It presents so many topics and questions geared towards women that I find interesting and facisinating.  I’ve been thinking about getting that bible since I saw it the other night at Barnes and Noble.  Sichan won a gift card at work recently for Barnes so the desire is even stronger to get it, but I just bought a marriage Bible so that Sichan and I can do our devotions together.  So, what shall I do?  I already have a collection of 7+ bibles!!!!  I remember in a sermon that Daniel used the example of how some people have so many different kinds of Bibles but yet that person hasn’t read the whole Bible to its entirety.  I’m one of those people!  I want to read my Bible from start to finish but yet I keep finding a feature that I like in one Bible that the others don’t have.